Questions about tendonitis

11 questions about tendonitis

A painful tendon is often a common, persistent injury. What can you do to recover faster and prevent recurrence?Introduction to Kyle Leon

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1. What is tendinitis?

2. How do you recognize it?

3. What can you do to lessen symptoms?

4. What is the difference with bursitis?

5. Should you with tendon problems to the doctor?

6. What can the therapist do?

7. Can you avoid tendonitis?

8. Beginning tendinitis disappears?

9. Tendon remains such a weakness?

10. What are the latest treatments?

11. And those cute colored tape, does that help?

1. What is tendonitis?

A tendon connects a muscle to a bone.

If the tendon is overloaded, tiny cracks You will feel pain where the tendon attached to the bone. A tension pithy, as the disease is officially known, is usually not a true inflammation but an irritation. ‘Tendon Injury’ would therefore be more in place. Because a tendon is naturally bad blood, it can take a long time before it is restored. Tendon complaints are most common in the wrist, heel, shoulder, hip, knee and Achilles tendon. A classic example is the tennis elbow.