Pepper and pollen can trigger a sneeze

Why do we sneeze with your eyes closed?

Drop your eyes look different?

If you sneeze, you automatically close your eyes but why? The story goes that otherwise you run the risk that your eyes fall out. Is that true sandwich?

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Sneeze, sneeze, and sneeze, eyes, hay fever, colds, and colds

Your nose is lined on the inside with lining, mucus cells i.e. snot produce. This makes your nose moist and keeps viruses and bacteria partially outside.

Stimulates a potentially harmful dust this lining, it creates a reflex sure you take a big gulp of air you exhale then very hard in a bang as a sneeze blows your nose clean.

Certain smells, pepper and pollen can trigger a sneeze. If you catch a cold are, your sensitive nasal mucosa, allowing you sneeze more often.


Maybe you ever noticed that when you sneeze does automatically close your eyes. Some think that it is necessary to protect your eyes. Through the power of a sneeze otherwise they will pop out of the eye sockets. That is an overhaul sandwich.


Your eyelids consist of a thin piece of skin, keeping your eyes certainly not against Fortunately, the eyes on all sides protected by bone. Moreover, they are every six muscles tightly to a ring back of the eye socket.