An underlying disease

If the premature ejaculation is caused by an underlying disease, a successful treatment of the disease also may have. Have a positive effect on the ejaculation If this is not the case, can sometimes help masturbation. Some men benefit from the start-stop technique (take a break) and squeeze technique (for ejaculation below the glens squeeze), but this may not be satisfactory for the woman. It seems better to learn breathing techniques with the excitement to send.

Is This Program a Kyle Leon Scam?

In addition to behavioral and cognitive therapy, you can also opt for drugs. There are several resources available that interrupt the ejaculation process, ensure that the penis is flaccid after ejaculation or reduce the sensitivity of the penis. These resources are available in tablets, creams or sprays.

There are patches for women who prefer not swallow tablets, but they offer no further benefits.

Imagine the use of hormones from hot flashes?

No. It is a myth that you still get your fix when you stop. For most women, hot flashes are within two years after the last menstrual period on, whether or not hormones. It is recommended to one year after the start of the treatment to stop half a year. If the hot flashes may not be back in two months, you are ‘the transition’. Otherwise you swallow another period and then just stop again.