Questions about tendonitis

11 questions about tendonitis

A painful tendon is often a common, persistent injury. What can you do to recover faster and prevent recurrence?Introduction to Kyle Leon

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1. What is tendinitis?

2. How do you recognize it?

3. What can you do to lessen symptoms?

4. What is the difference with bursitis?

5. Should you with tendon problems to the doctor?

6. What can the therapist do?

7. Can you avoid tendonitis?

8. Beginning tendinitis disappears?

9. Tendon remains such a weakness?

10. What are the latest treatments?

11. And those cute colored tape, does that help?

1. What is tendonitis?

A tendon connects a muscle to a bone.

If the tendon is overloaded, tiny cracks You will feel pain where the tendon attached to the bone. A tension pithy, as the disease is officially known, is usually not a true inflammation but an irritation. ‘Tendon Injury’ would therefore be more in place. Because a tendon is naturally bad blood, it can take a long time before it is restored. Tendon complaints are most common in the wrist, heel, shoulder, hip, knee and Achilles tendon. A classic example is the tennis elbow.




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Pepper and pollen can trigger a sneeze

Why do we sneeze with your eyes closed?

Drop your eyes look different?

If you sneeze, you automatically close your eyes but why? The story goes that otherwise you run the risk that your eyes fall out. Is that true sandwich?

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Sneeze, sneeze, and sneeze, eyes, hay fever, colds, and colds

Your nose is lined on the inside with lining, mucus cells i.e. snot produce. This makes your nose moist and keeps viruses and bacteria partially outside.

Stimulates a potentially harmful dust this lining, it creates a reflex sure you take a big gulp of air you exhale then very hard in a bang as a sneeze blows your nose clean.

Certain smells, pepper and pollen can trigger a sneeze. If you catch a cold are, your sensitive nasal mucosa, allowing you sneeze more often.


Maybe you ever noticed that when you sneeze does automatically close your eyes. Some think that it is necessary to protect your eyes. Through the power of a sneeze otherwise they will pop out of the eye sockets. That is an overhaul sandwich.


Your eyelids consist of a thin piece of skin, keeping your eyes certainly not against Fortunately, the eyes on all sides protected by bone. Moreover, they are every six muscles tightly to a ring back of the eye socket.


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An underlying disease

If the premature ejaculation is caused by an underlying disease, a successful treatment of the disease also may have. Have a positive effect on the ejaculation If this is not the case, can sometimes help masturbation. Some men benefit from the start-stop technique (take a break) and squeeze technique (for ejaculation below the glens squeeze), but this may not be satisfactory for the woman. It seems better to learn breathing techniques with the excitement to send.

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In addition to behavioral and cognitive therapy, you can also opt for drugs. There are several resources available that interrupt the ejaculation process, ensure that the penis is flaccid after ejaculation or reduce the sensitivity of the penis. These resources are available in tablets, creams or sprays.

There are patches for women who prefer not swallow tablets, but they offer no further benefits.

Imagine the use of hormones from hot flashes?

No. It is a myth that you still get your fix when you stop. For most women, hot flashes are within two years after the last menstrual period on, whether or not hormones. It is recommended to one year after the start of the treatment to stop half a year. If the hot flashes may not be back in two months, you are ‘the transition’. Otherwise you swallow another period and then just stop again.

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Primary and secondary cause of premature ejaculation

Primary and secondary

The premature ejaculation can be divided into primary and secondary. Primary, or lifelong premature ejaculation have been from the first sexual contact. The secondary, acquired, premature ejaculation occurs after a period of normal ejaculation. This can be a symptom of another condition such as prostate disease or erectile dysfunction or a side effect of a drug.Become A Muscle Builder


It was thought that premature ejaculation is a psychological problem, but it is more complicated. Most likely it is premature ejaculation an interaction of factors.

Some of these factors are indeed psychological. As with other sexual problems are feelings and frustration often a cause of the disorder. In addition to feelings and frustration also aggravate the problem again, so you end up in a vicious circle.

Yet there are also physical factors that can contribute to premature ejaculation. The cause lies in a possible deviation of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which allows for signal transmission between nerve cells. The thyroid hormones also seem to play a role. However, there are no major studies on the biological background of a premature ejaculation.

And then?

Although many men with premature ejaculation, looking less than 10 percent support Sin, because it often has a big impact on your sex life Talking about it is a first step With your partner and a doctor. But there are more options.


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Join the Health Panel

Allows you to hear your opinion?

Find your opinions and experiences in the field of health are very important. Therefore we have set up the Health Panel. Too Close up.

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What do you think of super foods? What is your diet like? But also: are you satisfied with your sex life? Do you sleep well? Have your say on various topics in the field of health and receive invitations for product testing.

Free participation

Participation in the Health Panel is free and without obligation. Anyone can register. You will receive occasional email which we invite you to fill out a short questionnaire. All answers will be processed anonymously. The results of the studies we publish

Relationship Problem

Premature ejaculation is not erectile dysfunction, because the man has no problems with erection. However, premature ejaculation is associated with negative personal consequences as frustration, stress, annoyance or the avoidance of sexual intimacy. It can also lead to relationship problems.

At 5 percent of men with premature ejaculation there is ante portable ejaculation. You then have an ejaculation for the penetration begins. This is the most severe form.









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